Military Pension Division

We will need the following to prepare a Military Pension Division Order in your case:

Documents to be provided:

  1. Active Duty - Current Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) - generated twice a month to show pay, allowances, deductions, accrued leave, etc. (equivalent to a pay stub)
  2. Guard/Reserve - Retirement Points Accounting Statement (chronological statement of retirement points, such as ARPC Form 249 for Army Reserve or NGB Form 23 for National Guard) - issued at least once a year to each Guard/Reserve member
  3. Retirees
    1. Retiree Account Statement (DFAS-CL Form 7220 for Army, Navy/Marine Corps, Air Force) – generated monthly to show retired pay, VA waiver, Survivor Benefit Plan premiums, etc.;
    2. Certificate of Release or Discharge (DD Form 214) or other separation papers;
    3. Retirement orders (issued at retirement);
    4. Combat-Related Special Compensation (CRSC) statement (if applicable);
    5. In VA disability cases, the findings and rating letter(s).
  4. Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) Election Form
    1. For a Reserve/Guard member, this would have been first completed at the 20-year mark (Form 2656, Data for Retired Personnel and Form 2656-5, RCSBP Election Certificate).
    2. For an active duty servicemember, the election form would be completed as part of the retirement process (Form 2656, Data for Retired Personnel).
    3. If the parties are already divorced, there may be a Form 2656-1 (SBP Election Statement for Former Spouse Coverage).
  5. General documents – If applicable: court order, separation agreement or any other underlying settlement document that provides for pension division, and the divorce decree

The LES, Retiree Account Statement (RAS) and CRSC Statement can be accessed by the military member or retiree at the secure DFAS website,  There are also secure portals for Coast Guard and the commissioned corps of the Public Health Service and NOAA.