We find that we can better serve our clients if we tell them what they can expect from their law firm.  In return, we like to inform them of our office operating procedures. In this way a client can save money and time, as well as obtain maximum results from our office.

   Your file is always open to you. The documents and folders which we keep are the property of our clients, held by us in trust for them. With reasonable advance notice, we can make available to you copies of any document in your file. We do ask that you let us know in advance if you wish to stop by and pick up copies of papers. If you will give us a telephone call, we will do the copying and mail the papers to you.

    It is important to keep our files current. Accurate information is essential if we need to contact you at home or at work. Please be sure to let us know if there is a change in your telephone number, place of work or home address.

    Unless a flat fee is arranged, our firm bills on an hourly basis for the time spent on your case. Records are kept by each attorney for each tenth of an hour. Thus, a one-half hour interview will be listed as: "Office visit with client - .5". We usually send our clients an itemized billing at least once a month.

    It is customary to arrange payment for the services of an attorney when the case is started. This is done by paying an initial deposit to our firm's trust account. When we receive your deposit to the trust account, we start working on your case.

    Sometimes our attorneys will be very busy and unable to answer your telephone call immediately. If an attorney is not available, we specifically ask that you talk with one of our support staff and leave a message for the attorney as to what information you are requesting or what your question is.

    Our office support personnel are listed elsewhere in this web site. We ask that you talk with one of them to see if they can help you. While they cannot provide the legal advice that an attorney would, they can be very helpful in resolving routine inquiries that you may have.

    We try to provide our clients with copies of all letters and pleadings which we prepare or receive. Feel free to ask for any document which may be involved in your case.

    If we take your case, we will require certain things of you. First and foremost is a list of your goals and priorities. This will help us to organize our work to attain those goals for you.

    Next we may require a "diary" or notebook from you telling us what facts we need to know. This will, of course, vary with the type of case. In a custody case, for example, you should tell us at least the following:

  • Who has had primary responsibility for the child before the separation;

  • Who has had primary responsibility for the child since the separation;

  • Information that might be used against you or the other parent at trial;

  • Employment and income of the mother and father;

  • Reasons why you should have custody;

  • Reasons why the other party shouldn't have custody; and

  • Witnesses you wish to call, including names, addresses, work and home telephone numbers, and a summary of what each should say.

    We would request other kinds of information, for example, in a child support or alimony case. It is a more effective use of attorney time if you write these matters down at the earliest possible stage and go over them with us. We want to work together with our clients as a team.

     No attorney can guarantee success in a particular case. It is our word and our promise to each individual client that we will work hard to attain the goals that the client has set for us. We will do no less for each client.

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