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Law Offices of Mark E. Sullivan, P.A. is a family law firm located in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Mark Sullivan has been certified by the North Carolina State Bar as a Family Law Specialist since 1989.  Mark is also the author of the Military Divorce Handbook published by the American Bar Association in 2006.  He authored the 2nd edition in 2011, and has recently completed a 3rd edition expected to be published in late 2018.  Our attorneys provide legal services to clients in the areas of

    Divorce Alimony
    Separation Agreements Property Division
    Custody and Visitation Arbitration
    Child Support Equitable Distribution
    Military Divorce Military Pension Division 

The firm's attorneys also handle international family law disputes, domestic violence cases, wills and powers of attorney, and they advise on other family law matters. 

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Quite often the domestic case is the first time that a person will ever come to an attorney. This occasion may be marked by confusion, anger, frustration and many questions. It is important to find out facts as well at the earliest possible stage. We want you to know what your rights are and what alternatives you may have.

Thank you for visiting our website for help concerning family law. It is our aim to give you important facts and information which may help you. This website is for your information and education only and is not to be construed as legal advice between attorney and client.  You should consult with an attorney personally for specific advice and questions about your case. 

Mark E. Sullivan is licensed to practice only in the State of North Carolina.  The materials included on this website are not intended as legal advice.  No attorney-client relationship is formed by the use of the information from our site or the links from our site to other servers.







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