An attorney has an obligation of loyalty to the client. Especially in domestic cases this is very important for the client to remember.

   Some clients believe that the lawyer's friendship or contacts with the attorney on the other side of the case is a sign of disloyalty or inability to represent aggressively the client's position. This is not so. It is the sworn duty of the attorney to represent fully, zealously and competently the lawful needs and legitimate goals of the client.

   A good attorney can have no divided loyalty. We cannot and will not settle your case without your permission. When you hire our law firm to represent you, your case demands undivided loyalty.


   One of the best summaries of your attorney's duties to you is contained in a "Declaration of Commitment" published by the American Bar Association, which asks that all lawyers live by these principles and provide copies of them to their clients.


    To treat you with respect and courtesy.

    To handle your legal matter competently and diligently in accordance with the highest standards of the profession.

    To exercise independent professional judgment on your behalf.

    To charge a reasonable fee and to explain in advance how that fee will be computed and billed.

    To return telephone calls promptly.

    To keep you informed and provide you with copies of important papers.

    To respect your decisions on the objectives to be pursued in your case, as permitted by law and the rules of professional conduct, including whether or not to settle your case.

    To work with other participants in the legal system to make our legal system more accessible and responsive.

    To preserve the client confidences learned during our lawyer-client relationship.

    To exhibit the highest degree of ethical conduct in accordance with the Rules of Professional Conduct.

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